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Doctor Who: Series 11 What We Know So Far - Part 2

Yes So we have been receiving more news about Series 11 and filming has been continuing across the UK. So on Tuesday the new logo...

The History of ADW

Absolutely Doctor Who started is journey as a small fansite on piczo called XDoctorwhocrazyX. I started it up after watching Doomsday. This aired on 8th July 2006. It got very little visitors but I was happy with it.

Following a conversation with my ICT Teacher at college XDoctorWhoCrazyX was no more. In its place was the same site with a new name Absolutely Doctor Who.

The site ran on Piczo until  2009/10  I believe when it briefly moved here to blogger after a short hiatus on piczo. After A while A started to feel adventurous so once again I moved to a free host, X10hosting. It was doing really well... until i couldn't update as they were having problems, so with the help of a few friends everything was transfered to zymic.

Now ADW stayed on Zymic for quite a while. During which time it celebrated its 4th Birthday. Then Zymics file manager went down which made uploading very complicated, so on June 9th 2011, ABsolutely Doctor Who came back to Blogger. Where hopefully it will continue to grow!

As of 8th July 2011, Absolutely Doctor Who has been going for 5 years! ADW went of a break for the rest of the year,as I had no one to help me and was extremely busy myself. But as of April 2012, ADW is back and will be updated as regularly as possible as I am still awaiting help.

As of 8th July 2012, I am currently working on the site alone as no one is helping me even though they said they would. ADW also turned 6 years old on this date. Unfortunately there was no celebration. I'm not sure if the site has any real followers anymore, it's sad but most likely true. I hope that people will visit in the future and leave a message or chat.

As of July 2014, the site has had over 22,000 hits. It's not as big as some sites but i'm very happy! The 8th of July is only a few days away and soon this site will have been on the web for 8 years!!!! I was only 15 when I started and I will soon be 24!

So, the site has been left for a while but still active. ADW hit 10 years on the 7th July 2016 and last year was 11 Years.

Maybe i'll do something special to celebrate 12 years! Wait and See!

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