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Doctor Who: Series 11 What We Know So Far - Part 2

Yes So we have been receiving more news about Series 11 and filming has been continuing across the UK. So on Tuesday the new logo...

'Star Trek' actor teases 'Torchwood' role

Thursday, June 23, 2011

John de Lancie has revealed details about his character in Torchwood: Miracle Day.

The Star Trek actor will play a recurring role in the sci-fi drama, it was announced in April.

"I'm a recurring character in the final three episodes of the series," he told SFX. "My character is CIA, very gruff, [and] unimpressed by the 'Torchwood clowns' as he'd call them."

De Lancie, best known for his role as Q in the Star Trek franchise, added that the new season of Torchwood still has a "British" feel.

"My sense is the show is still quite British," he said. "It has, mostly, an American crew, but the sensibility of it, led by Russell [T Davies], is very British."

He also claimed that Miracle Day is "completely different... to Star Trek" and that his role involved "no technobabble".

"It's someone's future, potentially real," he explained. "I enjoyed that."

Torchwood: Miracle Day will air in July on BBC One in the UK and on Starz in the US.

Source: Digital Spy


'Camelot' star 'keen on Doctor Who return'

Camelot star Chipo Chung has revealed that she is keen to make another guest appearance on Doctor Who.

The actress previously appeared as the alien Chantho in the 2007 Who episode 'Utopia' and returned to the show a year later to play a mysterious fortune teller in 2008's 'Turn Left'.

Chung told Digital Spy: "I was hoping that the fortune teller would make an appearance in The Sarah Jane Adventures, which I don't think will happen. [I thought that] because there's some crossover with the stories."

She added: "I don't know if the fortune teller will return [to Doctor Who]. I think they left it up in the air."

Chung also revealed that she would like to reunite with her former co-star John Barrowman in spinoff show Torchwood.

"I did think that David Tennant was just brilliant and made that whole series [of Doctor Who], but when I worked on it I absolutely fell in love with John Barrowman," she explained. "[I had] hoped perhaps to make an entry as someone else, a third character, in Torchwood."

Chung currently plays Vivian in fantasy drama Camelot, which airs on Channel 4 on Saturdays at 9pm in the UK.

source: Digital Spy


Anthony Head chats "Merlin"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Here is a video of Anthony Head discussing whats in store for Uther and the rest of the characters, when Merlin returns for series 4.

Video Source: Digital Spy


FanFic Update!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I have been writing a Doctor Who Fanfiction, which includes the 10th Doctor & my Original Character (OC) Summer.

Well I have now uploaded chapter 3 of my fanfic

Doctor Who OC: Fateful Beginnings

Chapter 3 is called Freedom & Awkward Silences

I hope You like it!


ADWDesigns new layout!

The New layout on ADWDesigns. Getting ready for Torchwood: Miracle Day!

This site will be next probably!

please visit ADWDesigns!


Dalek voice actor Skelton dies

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Actor Roy Skelton, who provided voices for the Daleks has died, the actor who played the daleks from the there frist epsiode has sadly passed away, His daughter Samantha said he died at home in Brighton surrounded by his family after a long illness. Roy, originally from Nottingham, earned his acting spurs in regional repertory theatres at the start of a long career which included roles in Zulu and Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy, Voiceover work lead to a role in Doctor Who where he came up with the voice for the metal monsters The Daleks. Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles tweeted that Roy “entertained me thousands of times as Zippy & George and scared me just as much as a Dalek. A proper hero of mine.”

He leaves behind his wife and two daughters.


New Torchwood: Miracle Day Pictures

Here are some new photos for the now Torchwood series, Torchwood: Miracle Day.

Below are not all the promos only a selection
For More pictures visit Digital Spy


ADWEEK: Matt Smith Interview

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What’s the first information you consume in the morning?
time from the alarm on my phone.

What do you read or watch or listen to at the breakfast table?
the paper. I read The Times (U.K.). I start at the back with the football, and then I work forward.

What occupies your mind in the car, on the subway, train, or bus?
I suppose. Learning my lines. Or, if I’m going to work up in Cardiff [where Doctor Who films], sleeping—catching up on rest.

Are you a TV junkie, or on an airtime-restricted diet?
on an airtime-restricted diet, I’m afraid, because if I’m working, I don’t really get to watch that much TV at all. But at the moment, I’m not working, so I’ve been watching a lot of it.

If you’re a couch potato, what do you watch, and how: TV, laptop, or tablet?
always watch the sports news, a lot of Arrested Development—that’s my favorite show at the moment—a lot of Family Guy, and a lot of films. I just watched The Kids Are All Right and Inglourious Basterds for the second time. Sometimes if I’m in the car, I’ll use the iPad, but I try to watch on a TV as much as possible.

Before bed, do you bite into a novel, graze on Twitter, or fast until morning?
read, or I go on the Internet—I tend to go through my emails or check the football. I’ve just read Stieg Larsson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and now I’m reading The Girl Who Played With Fire. They’re brilliant.

Which is more nutritious: print or Web?
I think, because it has more class. There’s a vintage quality to it.

Give us the skinny on your favorite app.
a really good app from a taxi company in the U.K. called Addison Lee that lets you order a taxi by just sending a text. That’s pretty groovy. There’s a Jamie Oliver cooking app that’s pretty groovy as well, and the Hipstamatic camera is probably one of my favorites.

What’s your biggest digital indulgence?
depends, really. I’m not hugely technical with things, but I guess that the thing I use most is my iPhone, on a practical level.

With such a bloated media universe, how do you cut out the fat?
think you just ignore the majority of it and take only what you need. Lest we forget, 10 years ago, we were still using telephone boxes. Sometimes when you lose your mobile phone, even though it’s frustrating, it’s sort of rewarding in many ways because though we do rely on them a lot, we are not reliant on them. The world continues without.

Source: ADWEEK


Barrowman for return

Monday, June 13, 2011

With only Torchwood weeks away from airing, Actor John Barrowman has confirmed that he would be happy if he was ask to return to Doctor Who. The actor who was first seen in The Empty Child, as Captain Jack Harkness told Zap2it: “I’ve always said that if I’m asked to go back to Doctor Who, I’ll go at the drop of a hat. That’s where Captain Jack got his beginnings.” He also added that Jack’s possible return had “already been discussed” by Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies. Barrowman also add that David Tennant was his Doctor: “There’s a whole new generation who are now attached to Matt, and rightly so…. but David Tennant is my Doctor.”


A Good Man Goes To War - Final Rating

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The final consolidated ratings figure for Doctor Who’s “A Good Man Goes To War” has been announced as 7.57 million. That’s an absolutely massive time shift of two million over the original overnight figures of 5.5 million.

Doctor Who could end up in the Top 2o shows of the week, which would be quite an achievement in a week where ITV1 clogged up the schedules with about a zillion different installments of Britain’s Got Easily-Manipulated-Wannabes. The share for Who was slightly lower than you’d expect (31%), but that’s because ITV1 was showing the European Footaball final and then BGT back to back. Although the actual match finished before Who started, lots of viewers clearly just stayed on ITV1 for the half hour period between the match and the talent show. Which is not an excuse – it just makes the fact that Doctor Who nabbed 7.57 million viewers at 6.40pm on a summer Saturday even more impressive.

And expect some impressive iPlayer figures too – “A Good Man Goes To War” was hanging around the upper echelons of the iPlayer chart all last week (and “The Almost People” was still putting in an appearance in the lower reaches too).

Source: SFX


Karen Gillan On Set 30/5/2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here is a picture of Karen Gillan On Set filming We'll Take Manhattan on 30th May.

Below is the extract from the Daily Mail:

Playing one of the world’s most celebrated models must have been a daunting prospect.

But Doctor Who star Karen Gillan appears to have stepped into character as glamorous Sixties star Jean Shrimpton with ease.

The 23-year-old actress is pictured on set for the forthcoming BBC4 drama We’ll Take Manhattan, a film about Miss Shrimpton’s rise to fame.

It focuses on the iconic star’s four-year love affair with photographer David Bailey, played by 24-year-old British actor Aneurin Barnard.

The part is Miss Gillan’s first leading role since her debut in the 2010 series of Doctor Who as the Time Lord’s companion Amy Pond.

The film, to be screened later this year, follows the success of BBC4’s previous dramatisations of the lives of celebrity subjects including Enid Blyton, Gracie Fields, Hattie Jacques, Frankie Howerd and Tony Hancock.

BBC4 controller Richard Klein said the channel was committed to ‘dramatising moments that have changed the course of cultural life’.

The Shrimpton film will centre on a famous Vogue photo shoot which took place in 1962 in New York which helped propel the model, nicknamed The Shrimp, to worldwide stardom.

Speaking about playing the model, now 68, Miss Gillan said: ‘Jean Shrimpton is an icon of the Sixties and I am so excited to be playing somebody who had such a lasting impact on the fashion world.

‘I can’t wait to take on the challenge of bringing Jean and Bailey’s fascinating love story to life.’

Executive producer Claire Parker, of production company Kudos, said: ‘In Jean, Bailey found someone that he and his camera fell in love with.

‘We’ll Take Manhattan captures the essence of their dynamic affair and how they unwittingly changed the face of a decade.’


New Author

Me, well as a cartoon...
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Gerard Groves however many of you will know me as Billy The Dalek. I love Doctor Who and other Sci-Fi related things, except Skyline and Battle: Los Angeles, they were just awful... Perhaps Fear Her was on the same level of brilliance as them, although I dread to think of that episode with a budget over a million pounds.

From now on I will be working with Emma here on Absolutely Doctor Who to bring you the latest Whoniverse updates and hopefully some cool media features such as fan art and youtube videos. Not only will I be bringing Doctor Who news but I will also be posting news on other shows such as Primeval and Merlin.
I hope you all will enjoy my posts and if you have anything to share drop me an email at gedtalks@hotmail.co.uk

Gerard Groves (BillyTheDalek)


Doctor Who Unreleased Music - Where is my Wife by Skarorevenger

Friday, June 10, 2011

Here is Doctor Who unreleased music edited by Skarorevenger, from Series 6 episode 7 A Good Man Goes To War, titled Where Is My Wife.

for more visit dwhounreleasedmusic @ youtube


Phil Davis, Gemma Jones join 'Merlin' cast

DS Miles in Whitechapel


Phil Davis and Gemma Jones have signed up for guest roles in the upcoming fourth series of Merlin.

The BBC has confirmed exclusively to Digital Spy that former Spooks star Jones will appear in the new run's premiere episode.

She will play a mysterious character known as 'The Cailleach', described as the gatekeeper to the Spirit World.

Jones currently plays Madam Pomfrey in the Harry Potter films and recently starred in Woody Allen's You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. The veteran actress also appeared in ITV's Trial & Retribution from 2003 to 2008.

Whitechapel star Davis will play the role of 'The Gleeman' in the third episode of Merlin's new series. An old world Circus-master, the character will arrive in Camelot to attend Prince Arthur's banquet, but is hiding a dark and sinister secret.

Davis's recent television credits include roles in Sherlock, Doctor Who and My Family. He has also appeared in such films as 2010's Brighton Rock and 2009's Dead Man Running.

Digital Spy previously revealed that Nathaniel Parker will join the cast of Merlin as Agravaine, the uncle of Arthur (Bradley James).

The fantasy drama's fourth series is currently filming in the UK and France.

Source Digital Spy


Whovians Bored of the Daleks?

Doctor Who S05E13: The Big Bang - A Dalek


Fans of Doctor Who have admitted that they are bored with the Daleks and backed showrunner Steven Moffat's decision to give them a rest during 2011.

Of the thousands who voted in an exclusive poll for Digital Spy, a massive 41.1% said that there should be at least a couple of years before the Daleks return. A further 33.7% supported the call to give the villains a year off to put their plungers up. Just 25.2% said that they weren't bored with the evil pepperpots one bit.

Some readers argued that back in the days of the late, great Roy Skelton - who voiced the Daleks from 1967 to 1988 - the exterminating aliens didn't seem to be as ever-present as they are now.

Ben Dawson said: "In the classic series there was no way the Daleks would pop up every series. Let's give them this series and next series off... maybe return for the 50th Anniversary, have a build up to it."

Adam Thomas agreed: "I'm bored of them now, but give it a couple of years and I'm sure I will be glad to see them again."

It wasn't all one-way traffic though. Paul Sutherland countered: "Hmmm... let's be honest. The people who voted yes are idiots. Need more Daleks." Mark Cameron said: "If Moffat is getting rid of them, he's just lost a viewer."

So, there definitely won't be any Daleks in the second half of series six. But with a seventh series confirmed, will Moffat be brave enough to give a trip to Skaro a miss when doing his Christmas shopping? We'll have to wait and see.

Source Digital Spy


New Doctor Who Episodes will SHOCK!

Doctor Who S06E04 - Rory


Arthur Darvill has said that the second half of the current series of Doctor Who will surprise viewers.

The actor, who plays Rory Williams on the show, told BBC News that the revelation that he is River Song's (Alex Kingston) father is "nothing" compared to showrunner Steven Moffat's future plans.

Darvill said: "I'm so excited [about] the second half of the series that's coming up - what Steven has done is something quite brilliant - it's really going to surprise people."

Of the twist in the mid-series finale, he added: "The press have been really good at keeping things under wraps - otherwise it's like watching a football match and knowing the result. I suppose it's testament to the show that people care about it so much.

"I forget what I can and can't talk about, so I end up talking about nothing for hours - which has become quite a skill. My mum sent me a text straight after the episode saying, 'Does this mean I'm Alex Kingston's grandmother?'"

While series seven of the new Doctor Who has been commissioned, Moffat has admitted that he is not sure when it will be broadcast.

Source Digital Spy


Doctor Who News: Series 7 Confirmed!

The BBC has ordered a further series of Doctor Who, and Matt Smith will be reprising the role of the Doctor for it. Details here...

Published on Jun 8, 2011

As we settle into the mid-season break for Doctor Who series 6, the BBC has confirmed some news that should make the wait a little more bearable. And it's this: there are fourteen more episodes of Doctor Who definitely on the way, once series 6 has finished later this year.

Those fourteen episodes, we're assuming, will take in the usual Christmas special, and a thirteen-episode run next year. We're guessing that the BBC and production team will opt for the mid-series split once more, although that hasn't been confirmed.

What has been, though, is that Matt Smith will be returning for the full fourteen-episode run. Given the speculation last year that he would be walking away from the series at the end of the second series, which all involved denied, this should prevent the same thing happening again.

That said, whether he'll reprise the role of the Doctor for series eight in 2013 is, no doubt, more open to doubt. One year at a time, though.

More interestingly, there's the issue of who will be joining the Doctor on his travels. We'd be surprised if we get three straight years of the Doctor, Amy and Rory in the Tardis, and were we betting people, we'd suggest that a new companion may be thrown into the mix for next year.

Source Den Of Geek


First Full Torchwood: Miracle Day Trailer!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The first full trailer for Torchwood: Miracle Day has been released. Thw only thing is it's only for the Starz transmission not the BBC.

Enjoy all the same!



Hey guys welcome to the new home for Absolutely Doctor Who, im not sure if it will stay here or move to the host.

but enjoy!

posts coming soon!


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