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Doctor Who: Series 11 What We Know So Far - Part 2

Yes So we have been receiving more news about Series 11 and filming has been continuing across the UK. So on Tuesday the new logo...

New Forum!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hey guys! I have made a forum you can discuss everything from Doctor Who to Primeval and spin-offs like Primeval: New World and Torchwood

There is also a section for you to post your designs and fanfictions.

There will also be a general area so you can discuss anything and everything :D

The Forum is called TARDISBlueBox. I know very original right ;)

anyway to join please click the link here


ADW is turning 6!

Monday, July 2, 2012

I can't believe it! Absolutely Doctor Who (ADW) is turning 6 on Sunday (8th July). Not sure what we will do to celebrate but, feel free to drop by on that day to see whats going on.

I'm really happy and excited! I hope that the rest of this year will get better and i'll finally be able to get some help. I did say that someone or some people were going to help me but, nothing so far. I haven't heard from them either.

Anyway hopefully it will be a good day. I may move the chat to the main page for the day so you can all chat. I will be on in intervals!

Below are some of the layouts used for the site though the years.

Current layout

Layout from May 2011 - after Day Of The Moon (on host .co.cc)

Series 3 layout for Blink (on piczo.com)

Second ever layout - on piczo.com1st Layout - posted just after doomsday.


Primeval: New World updates

Niall Matter has spoken about his role in Primeval: New World.

The North American spinoff from ITV's Primeval will air in late 2012 on Watch in the UK and Space in Canada.

Eureka star Matter - who plays hero Evan Cross - told SciFiNow that New World has a "harder edge" than the original series."

Our moments with the dinosaurs are going to be a lot more real and higher stakes," he suggested.

"It's got a harder edge that we walk on, because every time we see these creatures it affects us in a huge way and we're never getting used to that. I feel like the original Primeval knew a lot more about the world that they were dealing with than we do."

Matter revealed that his character Cross will first discover one of the show's anomalies by accident.

"He's not really sure what it is but he does know that it's creating radio interference so he goes to search for the source," explained the actor."He stumbles across one of these anomalies. In doing that, though, he loses the most important thing in his life."

Sara Canning (The Vampire Diaries), Miranda Frigon (Heartland), Geoff Gustafson (Once Upon a Time) and Danny Rahim (Young James Herriot) will also star in Primeval: New World, while Stargate's Amanda Tapping will direct.

info from: Digital Spy


Doctor Who: series 7 Casting News

Three new names have been added to the guest cast for Doctor Who's seventh series...
Courtesy of tomorrow's edition of Doctor Who Magazine comes news of three guest cast members appearing opposite Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman in series 7. Those names? Jessica Raine, David Warner, and Liam Cunningham.

Raine, who was most recently seen as lead Jenny Lee in BBC drama Call The Midwife, will be popping up alongside Mission: Impossible II and Desperate Housewives' Dougray Scott in the Neil Cross-penned episode, which has already been filmed. Cross has migrated to Who from Luther and Spooks, and this episode marks his debut on the show.

David Warner, who's been in all sort of geek fare over the years from Tron to Twin Peaks, The Outer Limits, and more than one iteration of Star Trek, is to co-star with Game of Thrones' Liam Cunningham in Mark Gatiss' historical episode, the script for which Blogtor Who informs us has been teased to include the words "meat", "klaxon" and "Vienna". There, now with those three words to go on, how can we complain that Who's creators never reveal anything?

credit to : Den Of Geek


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