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Doctor Who Series 9: What we know so far!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hey guys! Here is a quick summary of what we know from series 9 so far!

So, as confirmed at the end of 'Last Christmas,' the first episode of Series 9 is called The Magician's Apprentice and will star both Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.

The first and second episode are a double episode written by Steven Moffat and Directed by Hettie MacDonald.

Also it was recently announced that Missy (The Master) played by Michelle Gomez was to return in the Series 9 Premiere, It was announced in typical Missy style...

Along side the announcement of Missy's return, was the release of the title of episode 2: The Witch's Familiar.

Also returning for Series Nine is Jemma Redgrave who plays Kate Stewart.  Paul Kaye had a guest role in the first production block. It was later announced that other guest actors featuring in the first block include Arsher Ali, Morven Christie, Neil Fingleton, Colin McFarlane, and Steven Robertson.  Jaye Griffiths and Clare Higgins will also star. Other guest stars include  India Ria Amarteifio, Dasharn Anderson, Harki Bhambra, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, Aaron Neil, Demi Papaminas, Joey Price and Jami Reid-Quarrell.

Thants all I can think of so far... if i've missed anything please let me know!


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